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Corporate law

We provide professional legal consulting services to minimize potential risks that may occur in the course of the company operation to prevent disputes.

We draft documents required to establish all kinds of the company both domestic and foreign-invested, register, reorganize the company (merger, acquisition, separation, and reorganization), and provide legal advice.

We conduct consultations on issues related to the issuance of securities, the purchase of shares and assets, and the preparation of relevant documentation..

Contract law

We offer advisory services, including the review and drafting of various types of contracts. We also represent our clients in and out of court in Contract law-related matters. We prepare written documents of claims and counterclaims, effectively stating grounds of law, protecting the rights and legal interests of our clients.

Energy and infrastructure

  • Conducting a study in the field of energy and infrastructure provide client notes, newsletters, training, and consulting service to our clients;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, rules, regulations, and other necessary documents to establish and maintain normal operations in this field;
  • Drafting legal opinion, representing the client in the pre-trial and trial stages of a dispute.

Stock market, securities

Stock market and cryptocurrency have become popular topics not only in Mongolia but worldwide. In relation to the capital flow to these markets, cases of investment fraud has increased significantly.

In addition, the complexity of cases related to financial investment have increased with changing laws and regulations. We, with our advisors, specialized as securities lawyers, provide a variety of consulting services in this field.

Mining and natural resources

The mining sector is crucial for Mongolia’s economic development and makes up 25 percent of the GDP.

Our firm provides legal consulting and advocacy services in mineral licensing, cadastre, agreement, and representing in mining disputes.

Construction and real estate

We provide legal consulting service on issues related to ownership and joint ownership of the real estate, pledge, leasing, obtaining a license of construction work, registering real estate, providing consulting services on construction norms and standards, and draft necessary contracts and documents.

Civil and Commercial law

Civil law regulates relations of is based on principles of equality. Our lawyers advise our clients on a wide range of Civil and Commercial law matters such as fraud, partnership disputes, various contract disputes, unfair business practices.

Employment Law

Employment law is one of our substantial areas. We provide all forms of employment law-related issues, including reviewing and drafting the employment and other kinds of similar contracts, preparing employment-related orders, resolutions and representing our clients in courts or other dispute resolution forums. Our services include general legal advice in relation to human resource matters, preparation of internal rules of a company, legal advice in relation to employment agreements and management contracts.

Competition and State Aid Law

We are also able to provide services related to competition and state aid law, such as advising on unfair trade, monopoly and abuse of the dominant position.

Public Procurement Law

We provide advice to companies in bidding matters. We issue legal opinions, legal letters and conduct legal due diligence as, in some instances, these are required to bid in public procurement. Our services include advising bidders on public procurement matters, preparing legal opinions and law firm letters for bidders in support of their bidding documents, advising on preparing the proposals for public tenders, representing clients before relevant authorities.

Tax Law

We have also experienced in tax law matters. One of our team members worked at General tax authority of Mongolia, where he learned and experienced tax law, including giving tax advice and representing clients before the Tax Dispute Committee and Administrative Court.

Immigration Law

We have more than extensive experience in immigration law. We helped our many foreign clients to obtain their respective visas from Mongolia or the foreign countries and residence permits in Mongolia. We can help you apply for the relevant visas and permissions in Mongolia and register you with the immigration, social insurance, and tax authorities within the required time. Therefore, if you choose us, you will have no problem worrying about your visa, residence permits, and other compulsory registrations with state organizations.


We hold a license for Legal Advisors for Securities and Securities Market Participants from Financial Regulatory Commission, which allows us to provide legal advice for securities market participants.

Review of agreements

We are more than capable of providing you such notes, memos, and reports in English and Mongolian. We can also find such rules and other legal documents that are not publicly available by approaching and contacting the relevant bodies. Therefore, we have capable of examining the status of companies and review legal documents, taking into account all relevant aspects.